Payment ranges from $40 – $1,000+ and I additionally also suggest whether re re payment details had been confirmed on the site. Almost all of the web internet web sites showcased will probably pay you upon publication or acceptance of the article. You can find sites in brand brand new groups health that is including tech, freelance writing, blog posting, animal, travel, business, finance, music etc.

If you’d like to get pa >

A GUARANTEED Way to Earn A living writing: You don’t need certainly to battle to earn a living writing… perhaps perhaps not when you’ve got me personally! Get my e-book The Freelance Writer’s triumph Starter Guide for a step by step blueprint on how best to develop a freelance that is successful company (it comes down with an incident research as to how we landed a $625 writing task in 2 hours).

45+ more sites that pay one to add a write-up, immediately

no. 1. Earnings Diary

Niche: on the web business/making money online

Amount per post: $50 – $200

Payment Method: Paypal

re Payment info confirmed on internet site: Yes

They accept articles about any such thing linked to building a business that is online your documents may be about generating income online, getting traffic, social networking, website design, transformation optimization and anything in between. It will most likely be a good fit for them if it’s about building a business online!

# 2. Be a Freelance Blogger

Niche: Freelance blogging

Amount per post: $50

Payment Method: Paypal

Re re Payment info confirmed on internet site: Yes

Your visitor articles is published on become a Freelance Blogger so long as they’re dedicated to the topic of freelance blog posting or something like that appropriate. The minimal length accepted is 500 terms but longer visitor articles tend to excel.

You’ll be paid $50 per post and you’ll also be permitted to have a hyperlink to your site in your bio. You will find more details here.

no. 3. e commerce Insiders

Niche: e commerce

Amount per post: $75 – $125

Payment Method: Unspecified

Payment info confirmed on internet site: Yes

e-commerce Insiders is searching to cover exclusive, initial content directed at trusted online retailers as well as the e-commerce industry.

Your write-ups may be academic, to arrive as a type of guidelines or “how to” articles, or it could be a commentary on industry news or styles.

They spend $75 per article for articles within the 400 – 600 terms range and $125 per article for articles above 600 terms; re re re payment is created a thirty days after your article is posted.

#4. Smithsonian

Niche: General

Amount per post: $0.50 – $0.60 per term

Re Payment Method: Unspecified

re re Payment info confirmed on web site: No

It is possible to submit your write-ups to Smithsonian through the internet kind supplied in the article distribution web web page. This article distribution web web page can here be found.

#5. Leisure and travel

Niche: Travel

Amount per post: as much as $1,000 articles

Payment Method: Unspecified

Re re Payment info confirmed on site: No

Travel and Leisure accepts articles and features from freelance home writers. Re Payment shall be agreed upon when you’ve been assigned an article. There is more home elevators composing for Travel and Leisure here.

#6. BootsnAll

Niche: Travel

Amount per post: as much as $50 articles

Re Payment Method: Paypal

Re re Payment info confirmed on site: Yes

BootsnAll shall spend you as much as $50 to add a travel article. You will find several types of articles you can easily add while the optimum is $50 for an element article. You’ll be paid via Paypal in case the article is accepted.

You’ll find more information from the articles accepted in addition to just how to pitch your write-ups right right here.

number 7. Transition Abroad

Niche: Travel

Amount per post: $50 – $150

Re Re Re Payment Method: Paypal or Check Always

Re Payment info confirmed on site: Yes

Transition overseas is just a travel that is top that’ll spend you any such thing from $50 – $150 for the travel articles. You’ll be paid for the article upon its acceptance.

There is additional information on leading to Transition Abroad here.

#8. Budget Travel

Niche: Travel

Amount per post: $0.50 to $1 a word

Re Payment Method: Unspecified

Re Payment info confirmed on web site: No

Budget Travel is just a top travel web site that will pay authors to add travel articles. You will find out more info on leading to Budget Travel right here.

#9. World Hum

Niche: Travel

Amount per post: Unspecified

Re Re Payment Method: Unspecified

re Payment info confirmed on web site: No

World Hum is a travel internet site shopping for quality articles from travel article writers; articles are chosen become over 1,500 terms also to be submitted within the physical human body for the email, not quite as an accessory.

You’ll be contacted with re re payment information as soon as your article happens to be accepted. You’ll find out more about adding to World Hum here.

#10. Back2College

Niche: Education

Amount per post: $75 – $135

Re Re Payment Method: Paypal/Check

Re re Payment info confirmed on web site: Yes wants articles about training for older pupils.

They pay $75 – $135 per article and payment is manufactured via Paypal or check always thirty days after book of the article. They’d love one to deliver them a finished draft as opposed to pitching them your idea first.

#11. Brazen Careerist

Niche: Profession

Amount per post: $50

Re Re Payment Method: Unspecified

Re re re Payment info confirmed on web site: Partially

Brazen Careerist is just a leading profession site in search of articles for experts; articles may be tailored to young specialists, mid-level professionals or recruiters.

Payment needs to be prearranged aided by the editor before starting writing the content.

#12. The Travel Writers Life

Niche: Travel

Amount per post: $50 – $200

Re Re Re Payment Method: Unspecified

Re re Payment info confirmed on internet site: Yes

Articles must be about travel and around 300 – 600 terms.

They spend $50 – $75 for articles they request, $100 – $150 for individual tales and interviews, and $150 – $200 for articles with particular earnings advice for his or her visitors.

re Payment shall be produced upon book of one’s article.

#13. Krazy Coupon Lady

Niche: Finance

Amount per post: $50 per post

Re Re Payment Method: Paypal

Payment info confirmed on site: Yes

You shall paid $50 per post for a 200 – 800 words article accepted by Krazy Coupon Lady. re re Payment will be produced via Paypal upon acceptance and you may find more information on the best way to add right right here.


Niche: Company

Amount per post: $100

Re Payment Method: Paypal

re re Payment info confirmed on internet site: Yes

You’ll be paid $100 to add your business-related articles to Re re Payment is likely to be made the month after the thirty days your article ended up being accepted. You’ll find the share instructions right here.

#15. Matador

Niche: General

Amount per post: up to $60

Re Payment Method: Paypal

re re Payment info confirmed on web site: Yes

You’ll be paid as much as $60 articles to subscribe to blog sites from the Matador system. You are able to write on just about anything which can be on the Matador subjects page. You’ll find more details on causing the Matador system right right here.

#16. Belt Magazine

Niche: Rust Belt

Amount per post: $50 – $500

Payment Method: Unspecified

Re re Payment info confirmed on internet site: Partially

These are generally shopping for articles about any such thing linked to the Rust Belt area, and you’ll be paid $50 – $500 with respect to the nature of the article; your article may be an essay, a commentary or long-form reporting.

#17. An excellent moms and dad

Niche: Parenting

Amount per post: $100 – $300

Re Payment Method: Paypal

Re re re Payment info confirmed on site: Yes

These are generally trying to find articles about parenting, plus they spend $100 per article; in the event your article eventually ends up being their many article that is popular the termination regarding the entire year, you’ll obtain a $200 bonus.

In addition they enable a bio with a web link back into your internet site.

#18. Treehouse

Niche: Online Design/Freelancing/Productivity

Amount per post: $100 – $200

Payment Method: Unspecified

re re Payment info confirmed on site: Yes

These are typically trying to find articles on many different subjects, including freelancing, web site design and efficiency. They spend $100 – $200 for every single article they accept.

#19. Internet Loggerz

Niche: WordPress

Amount per post: $30 – $100

Re Payment Method: Unspecified

Re Payment info confirmed on web site: Partially

They’ve been hunting for articles concerning the WordPress CMS, plus they choose articles become at the least 1,200 terms.

You’re invited to mention your cost, however they often spend when you look at the $30 – $100 per article range.

#20. Vector Diary

Niche: Vector Design

Amount per post: $150

Re Re Payment Method: Paypal

Re re Payment info confirmed on site: Yes

They have been interested in tutorials associated with vector design, and additionally they pay $150 for accepted tutorials.

You’ll additionally be permitted a bio and website link to your site in your article.

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