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With a view to offer a fair playing field, FAO built on existing efforts and developed guidelines for food value chain analysis that are to serve as a template for food chain sustainability assessment, for the use of food producers, manufacturers and retailers. Ultimately, a universal framework for Sustainability Assessment of Food and Agriculture systems (SAFA) will be established.


SAFA has been evolving in the last four years in a participatory process through expert meetings and E-forums. The history of SAFA explains in more details how SAFA has been developed so far. The Test version 1.1 of the Guidelines has been piloted in selected countries and agriculture, forestry and fisheries supply chains, including small and large enterprises involved in food and non-food commodities. Lessons from the field were shared and discussed in a SAFA Practitioners and Partners Workshop, FAO, Rome, 18-19 March 2013, with a view to finalize the SAFA Guidelines (see Report of the Workshop). The final draft of the Guidelines is currently being peer-reviewed, while a new SAFA IT Tool is under development for SAFA implementation.


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