Editorial committee

Glamur dissemination is somehow peculiar among research projects, aiming to communicate to the scientific and policy communities. And beyond.

The local and global food chain comparative performances attract the larger interest of citizens, in their multiple natures of socio-economic players, activists and consumers. Media are likewise a key audience for the project fostering the amplification of concepts and information.

The breadth of outreach, the quality of each communication item and the pertinence of any specific public output is assessed and validated within the Glamur Editorial Committee.

This Committee is composed by a representative of several project partner and is led by FIRAB, which is responsible for the Glamur dissemination activities. FIRAB is thus the main contact point for any interaction with the Editorial Committee.

To flag news, to apply for specific information, to share scientific outcomes or to relate with the Editorial Committee, a contact form is available on this website.

FIRAB – Gianluca Brunori
FIRAB – Luca Colombo
FIRAB – Marco Esposito
WUR – Rudolf van Broekhuizen
KULE – Erik Mathijs
CCRI – Daneil Keech
CITY – Julie Smith
BSC – Mikelis Grivins
FIBL – Emilia Schmitt
UAB – Tiziano Gomiero

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